Top Data Management Platforms

Data Management Platforms, aka DMPs, are main platforms for keeping digital data related to digital marketing. Such as, Cookie IDs, browser information and mobile identifiers. They help to market to different customer segments, demographic customers, past browser interactions, customer locations, multiple device usages and many more…

Why to use DMPs?

  • First of all, all of your data comes to an unique, single platform. You get a view of your customers over multiple browsers, devices, locations and etc…
  • DMP can find you new and identical customers. All big DMPs provide a lookalike statistical modeling to find similar audience(or customer) to your current audience(or customer).
  • DMPs provide regular and real-time results. You obtain a long term, regular and continuous look over your customer or lookalike customers via DMP.

These are the top benefits I found to use DMPs.

What are the top DMP Platforms.

Nowadays, these platforms are the most used DMP Platforms.

  • Salesforce DMP (Previously known as Krux)
  • Snowflake
  • Lotame
  • CloudEra
  • Nielsen

Salesforce DMP

Formerly known as Krux. Salesforce obtained Krux late 2016 and it is now Salesforce DMP. This is a DMP tool that digital marketers capture and unify data from multiple touches. It is backed with Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence. It has enormous machine learning capabilities that helps marketers to track customers(or lookalike customers) from multiple channels.

Website : provides a very easy use interface. They provide fast and easy audience segmentation based on popular attributes such as gender, age, interests and etc… This software is getting more attention from digital marketers each year.



Snowflake has a one feature that benefits to digital marketers. It is data management service. It provides a fast and easy data management service opportunity for your data management requirements. This service eliminates need to integrate your data to your DMP or creating data manipulation ahead of using a DMP service. Snowflake has an easy integration tools to gather data from your multiple cloud-based software.



You can connect and feed Lotame with multiple data sources such as email, social data, mobile data, CRM data and etc… In addition to DMP features, Lotame provides tools to enhance your website optimization for your marketing purposes. Lotame also provides an effective first party data onboarding service.



CloudEra is one of the few platforms for any kind of data. CloudEra provides tools for Data Engineering also. It provides a data hub service for your multiple data sources. Also you can keep some of your operational data in CloudEra and share that information with CloudEra provided DMP service, which makes a faster return on results when you need faster results (for instance finding a lookalike customers for your ecommerce site during a short holiday/campaign season).



Nielsen allows you to select from their extensive audience segmentation. They provide personalized advertising and content across multiple channels. Your company users may be able to make analysis on customer journeys.


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