Marketing Intelligence with Analytics

As the marketing world connects with more automation systems, the number of interaction points with the end customers increases tremendously each day. End customers that have multiple languages, multiple regions, multiple channels, multiple services get more and more messages through the Marketing Automation systems. A marketer has to deal with multi-vendor solutions that generate huge data each day. These numbers, keeps climbing up and up.

Most of the marketers, want to have a unified view of their data, want to adopt a kind of centralized data house for their end customers’ marketing data. Some very few lucky ones have this opportunity. Some of the CMO’s I personally met, already gave up to have a centralized data house for their marketing data. Some of the companies’ Marketing Automation systems – I used work – create multi-single digit gigabytes of data per system, and XX gigabytes of daily data to store from multiple systems. In addition to this, some of the software systems they use are not capable of backing this amount of data daily.

And now, we are where the Marketing Intelligence (MI) comes in. I know that most of you know Business Intelligence (BI). BI is a tool that makes life easier for short period tactics. It also helps pretty coolly for creating some future business decisions.

What about speed and processing huge volume of data? This is also where BI is not enough and MI comes on to the stage. Marketing Intelligence brings data insights, speed as well as real-time (automated) reporting and visualization.

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