Email Data Personalization Strings

Here you can find the list of current Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization Strings that are used for Email Data.

Personalization StringDescription
%%xtmonth%%Full name of the month in which the email is sent
%%xtmonthnumeric%%Current month as a number
%%xtday%%Current date of the month when the email was sent (for example, 22)
%%xtdayofweek%%Current day of the week when the email was sent (for example, Thursday)
%%xtyear%%The current year when the email was sent
%%xtshortdate%%Current date when the email was sent in a short format. For example, 12/13/2010
%%xtlongdate%%Current date when the email was sent in a long format. For example, Monday, December 13, 2010
%%linkname%%Descriptive name of a hyperlink, known as the link alias. This string populates with the value of the link’s alias or the complete URL if no alias is specified at the link level. This personalization string is only available in use with the web analytics connector. This string allows web analytic programs to identify web activity that initiated from an individual link within the email. Link alias values generated via personalization strings, AMPScript, or SSJS does not reflect in the %%linkname%% value.
%%emailname_%%The internal name of the email
%%_messagecontext%%The context in which the customer views the email. Resolves to these values:

SEND – Display the rendered final message for sending to the subscriber

PREVIEW – Display the send preview options available within the editor

VAWP – Display content

VIEWSENT – Display the non-subscriber link to preview content

FTAF – Display the rendered Forward To a Friend message

LANDINGPAGE – Display a landing page or microsite

VALIDATION – Display information corresponding to the validate option in Marketing Cloud

LINKRESOLUTION – Display resolved dynamic script at click time

SMS – Display SMS message content

SOCIAL – Display Social Forward content

SITE – Display CloudPage content
%%_MessageTypePreference%%Resolves to Text or HTML according to the subscriber’s email type preference
%%_replycontent%%The body of the email you sent. This personalization string is used in triggered sends to place the body of an email into a reply email
%%_IsTestSend%%Resolves to True if the email job is marked as a Test Send.
if _isTestSend == false then
… // this code does not run for test sends
%%jobid%%Email send ID (the unique identifier associated with this send of the email, for tracking data purposes)
%%_PreHeader%%Any content with the assigned value for the Preheader attribute of the email message
Assign the Preheader as a variable –
set @preheader = [_preheader]
and then use it in the Preheader field –
%%double_opt_in_url%%Inserts the double-opt-in link in an email.

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