Introducing to New Salesforce Content Management System

Today, Salesforce announced its new CMS platform. The main motivation is to provide a tool to distribute your content to any channel or device by using this CMS.

As you know, the current marketing world depends on omnichannel. As users of these marketing tools, we expect consistent customer experience. We expect the same consistency from the email we read, from the store we visit, from the video we watch, from the support team we contact, from the salesperson we met, or even from the message of the CxO of the brand we read on the newspaper.

Salesforce thinks that there is a gap with the current CMS systems that brands use. When brands are interacting with us, Salesforce believes that CMS systems should be more improved when increasing the customer experience when customers are in a customer journey in some way. For instance, if one of the salesperson(or a marketing email, you name it) of the brand offers a unique 10% discount to a user, that user expects that price or promotion while browsing the website of the brand. This is the gap Salesforce focuses to fill with the new CMS.

On the other side, there is another problem with traditional CMS systems. When a marketing team creates a new campaign, it may take days (or even months in some cases) for the developer and designer team to add that campaign info to the website. Salesforce offers a connected system advantage between CRM, Marketing Cloud with CMS.

Simplicity is a keyword.

The new CMS offers brands to create, manage and deliver content easily. Any person in the Marketing team may be able to create a CMS content within the consistency of the CMS structure.

Touches the other Software

Yeap, all Salesforce software used in the company is going to connect with your CMS. The info in a personalized email from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a unique offer in Salesforce CRM, a special service record in Salesforce Service Cloud will be connected with the CMS piece of the customer touch.

With Salesforce, now the CMS is going to be part of the Customer Experience magic!

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